Women. Home Studios. DAWs. Woohoo!

So, you love mixing music, and you have no Y chromosome. You are in the right place! Mixing, mastering, recording, producing, audio editing — these skills are not accomplished with anything below o…

Source: Women. Home Studios. DAWs. Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Women. Home Studios. DAWs. Woohoo!

  1. hello Darcy…found you on Tomas’s Part 1 Logic Bootcamp vid…clicked and found Female Home Studios DAWs. Woohoo! Heaven!… will read more…where are you? I am in Brighton..good to connect with other female musos. Will include my soundcloud link. If you have any other info re women in music would be good.. Thank you x

    1. Hi Jaqueline! Thanks so much! I will be premiering a podcast soon spotlighting women’s mixes/productions. There will be a lot of great info as this progresses, so stay tuned:) Also, follow the Facebook link, too. I am in Huntington Beach, CA. Don’t forget to click the follow button and sign up with your email so that you can get all the new articles and news as they come. I will visit your Soundcloud ASAP!

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